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Tab Printing

Product Example Durrer Tab Appointment Books Notebook Step Indexing Appointment Book

Durrer Diagram
Durrer, Tab Printing
  1. Hand insertion
  2. Automatic insertion
  3. Counting and cutting 1
  4. Counting and cutting 2
  5. Printing
  6. Delivery
  7. Transport
Rega 4

State of the art, high production step and European Thumb Cut indexing module. Hopper loaded, the Rega 4, automatically counts pages to the proper locations, cuts and delivers. This configuration is ideal and highly cost effective for address and appointment books, planners, diaries and catalogs.

Tab Printing

On a gradual step indexed product such as address books, appointment books and diaries, Ross Gage is able to pad print on the tabs after cutting, thus ensuring perfect register.